My Perspective & What I Offer

I view life as a screenplay. Each person is the main character in his or her own script with its unique plot line and an array of characters engaged in dynamic interaction. This script is the product of one’s biology, significant relationships across the lifespan, cultural background, and social context. It represents one’s tendency in organizing new experiences, an implicit set of emotionally-based attributions about self and other that functions as a navigational device in one’s life journey. People come to therapy, I believe, because they need help revising that script.

Coming to therapy and talking to a new person about personal stuff brings up all kinds of feelings – that’s okay! That’s part of the “process,” as you’ll hear me say often. I provide individual, group, and family therapy and am comfortable with a broad range of presenting concerns. I am culturally responsive in my work, and people describe me as rather transparent and approachable as a person. I offer a human experience informed by years of clinical training and experience. I strive to cultivate a therapeutic experience in which the client can feel seen in their authenticity.

The foundation for my work is interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), which emphasizes how interpersonal relationships impact the wiring of our brains and create mental maps that drive our behavior. Emotional development involves the mind AND the brain. If you happen to be transgender or non-binary, I might know a thing or two about it because I am trans & queer myself.